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Tackling a commercial building rejuvenation project can seem daunting. Painting your entire office can certainly seem intimidating. Pausing your business can mean pausing your revenue, so it’s vital this task is carried out not only professionally, but efficiently.

Cooper & Sons are professional commercial painters, providing long-term painting solutions that revitalise buildings and reduce maintenance costs. Highly skilled in re-painting and maintenance jobs, we can guarantee that each stroke of our paintbrush is applied with dexterity and care.

With experience in providing commercial painting services across a full range of projects within shopping centres, schools, hospitals, sports centres and industrial units, Cooper & Sons have the expertise to tackle projects both big and small. Whether it’s painting a new building or repainting a double storey office, we’re able to put together a highly-skilled team of commercial painters based on the needs of the job.

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the unique job needs and the painting method required before we supply any scaffolding needed to reach high points safely and efficiently.

When it comes to the planning stage, we don’t take any shortcuts. While we thoroughly prepare all surfaces before painting, we carefully plan and coordinate so that most of the building remains functional throughout the commercial painting process. Managing the environment to avoid any health risks to staff, tenants and customers in this stage takes priority. The protection of your floors and building surfaces is as important to us as it is to you, so we supply plenty of drop sheets.

While the duration of any commercial painting service depends on the size of the building and the scope of work, we are always mindful of turnaround times and pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done with excellence and efficiency.

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